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Affiliate Notice

1. First you need to have a separate legal personality of enterprises, institutions, or have some liquidity and good management experience, marketing ability, a Body businesses or individuals.
2, ordering over 20 sets (about 4 million worth of goods), then signed on as the company's regional agents; orders over 50 units (approximately 10 million worth of goods), namely
Be signed on as our company's total area agents.
3, after the signing of the purchase price to be paid in a timely manner, "regional agency attorney," and agreed to complete the contract in the book sales mission objectives.
4, at the same time you open up the market, we hope you will be able to timely market information and feedback to the company.
5, after joining, you need to strictly implement the market price system and the regional division of my company's requirements.
6, all the products of our company can not be sold online.